Hanoi, Vietnam

Since living in Singapore, Vietnam is continuously referenced as a must visit. We’ve also had friends from both South Africa and the UK visit Vietnam for extended lengths of time so with another public holiday looming, the choice was easy – Vietnam it was.

Bali, Indonesia

<Defined by its stunning shoreline, endless blue oceans, laid-back lifestyle and bohemian charm, Bali (also known by locals as 'Island of the Gods') has always been high on my travel bucket list.

Hong Kong

Frequently compared to Singapore, we were curious to visit Hong Kong and see the comparison for ourselves. I was expecting skyscrapers and concrete, but you felt extremely close to nature and I love the way they have built the city around the water.


Singapore is a melting pot of Asian culture and history combined with western/European influence. Every trend that surfaces will find itself in Singapore soon enough. A foodie haven, there is so much choice in Singapore – from the local hawker centres and cute brunch spots to fine dining and Michelin stars.