Singapore is a melting pot of Asian culture and history combined with western/European influence. Every trend that surfaces will find itself in Singapore soon enough. A foodie haven, there is so much choice in Singapore – from the local hawker centres and cute brunch spots to fine dining and Michelin stars.

Florence, Italy

Florence had always been top of our travel list but it was only after my brother visited the city and couldn’t stop raving about it, did we finally book a trip. Any chance we get to visit Italy we take so when it came to making plans for an Easter break, Florence was the obvious choice.

Positano, Italy

Positano is easily one of the most beautiful places I have been too. It’s the type of place where pictures don’t do the beauty justice or show what I can only describe as magic hour when the setting sun casts hues of pink light over the hillside town.

Venice, Italy

Walking the streets you become acquainted with the quintessential Venice with gondolas around every corner. Venice is one of those places where reality matches the postcards and it truly is a majestic city.

Rome, Italy

Known as the eternal city, I loved the local scenes, the food, the architecture that doesn’t consist of any modern buildings and the visible history that you find around every corner – a city full of style and romance and the echoes of civilizations gone by.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is captivating – full of history. A city with a dark past, juxtaposed with a culture that today shouts freedom.

Dublin, Ireland

I would love to go back to Ireland one day and see more of this beautiful place, but for now I am glad to have got a taste of this country full of wonderful, warm people, delicious food and rich history which is also a little part of me.


This trip brought back so many memories and I’ll be forever be grateful to my parents, that this is what my childhood holidays were made of.

Paris, France

This post on Paris and any more posts on Paris for that matter will always be dedicated to my sister. I don’t think anyone could love a city more and I can’t wait to return there with her and my mom someday. Each time I visit Paris, it is easy to fall more and more…


The little island of Jersey, is for now the place I call home. I’ve found some wonderful charms of island life – from the beautiful beaches, the green lanes and the honesty boxes to the abundance of good restaurants. Here I’ll share (with you) my favourites and keep on adding (more) as I go along….

Copenhagen, Denmark

This incredible city, a sustainable, clean, modern, green city with beautiful design everywhere you look, setting trend after trend in the design world and with so much to offer.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a very special city and if you can step a bit off the beaten path, you’ll find old world charm, beauty, culture and magic around every corner.